Mikrotik CHR on Azure RM

Ever wanted to run MikroTik’s Cloud Hosted Router (CHR) on Microsoft’s Azure platform?

I stumbled across this very helpful article to get started but I have complied some instructions which has helped me to get this up and running.

Step One – Acquire CHR VHD

Download the latest CHR image as a VHDX and then convert to VHD. Don’t fret, here’s one I prepared earlier.

You can also download the latest version and convert using Convert-VHD

Step Two – Upload VHD to blob storage

Upload the CHR VHD to a blob storage account

Step Three – Create a CHR image

Create an image using the uploaded CHR VHD.

Step Four – Deploy the VM

Deploy the VM using the image you created earleir


Step Five – Change Azure NIC settings

On the network card assigned to your VM, you will need to tick “Enable IP Forwarding”

Step Six – Security

You may want to apply network security groups on the VNET or NIC level on your CHR. After your CHR has been deployed you will need to configure other security features.

  • Create new account and disable generic Admin account
  • Change default ports for ‘services’ tab
  • Consider what ports you want accessible via the internet and which ones you want to be filtered

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